The Reproduction sphere which deals with the people’s fertility and ability to conceive, has already helped many families in the whole world to become parents of beautiful babies.

Medical Centers ADONIS Family include the approved options of infertility treatment. Only the highest professionalism and knowledge-based medical help is available for everyone who is ready for changes and the new life.

ADONIS Intrauterine insemination

One of the best variants which is really effective in the process of infertility treatment is the Intrauterine insemination procedure in ADONIS clinic.

Intrauterine insemination is the special medical technique which consists of the introduction of man sperm (obtained outside sexual intercourse) into the cervical canal or uterus of a woman.

To undergo this procedure patients should go through the individually developed examination plan and receive the medical indication from experienced doctors of ADONIS.

Intrauterine insemination cost can vary in different clinic, but ADONIS make the all efforts to make it the most affordable on the market (Intrauterine insemination price you can clarify on ADONIS website)

The indications include pathologies of the reproductive function of various origins in a woman and her partner.

Intrauterine insemination is required for the women diagnosed with the following problems:

  • female infertility (of an unexplained origin)
  • sperm cells’ antibodies availability (localized in the discharge of the cervix)
  • negative postcoital test results
  • surgical operations with the cervix
  • sperm cells’ allergic reactions
  • ovulatory dysfunction (treatable one)
  • vaginismus
  • endometriosis (light extent)

From the side of the partner the Intrauterine insemination is required with the following problems:

  • spermogramme poor results (sperm cells count reduce, ejaculate viscosity increase)
  • erectile dysfunction
  • cryopreserved sperm cells usage
  • antisperm antibodies availability
  • sperm ejaculation violation
  • sexual intercourse impossibility or difficulties (because of genital organ defects – congenital or acquired)
  • aggressive therapy or vasectomy (after procedure conditions)

Personal consultation with the specialist will help to make the right decision. Your awareness about the processes ensure the safety and confidence throughout the whole time of procedure. ADONIS clinics ensure the full informational support and qualitative control over the state of each patient.

ADONIS’ own examination laboratory

The well-developed diagnosis is the best start of the treatment, especially if we are speaking about the reproductive system and baby birth.

ADONIS own examination laboratory provides the widest variety of services according to your Program. The latest technological equipment which helps to determine the tiniest aspects of a patient’s health state – is our basis and your safety.

If you are ready to experience the Intrauterine insemination procedure in ADONIS, there is a list of the main examinations you need to undergo:

  • HIV, hepatitis B and C, RW
  • TORCH-infections
  • bacterioscopic examination
  • cytological examination of swabs
  • hormones analysis
  • instrumental examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes
  • microscopic examination of the endometrium

Please, pay your attention that every case is unique, that is the final list of examinations is prescribed by your experienced doctor according to your personal case history and health nuances.

The Medical Center ADONIS Family ensures the highest quality services in the sphere of Reproductology for all people. Quality, Affordability (the lowest Intrauterine insemination IUI cost and other procedures), Safety and Care – are the main words which can characterize the ADONIS medical help. Try it on your own!

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