The coffee table is undeniably one of the furniture pieces that can help transform a room. This furniture piece can provide both style and function to make a space comforting and an aesthetically appealing place to relax. You can also use it as an accessory and equipment to place your drink, magazines, or books.

However, with all these functions of a coffee table, there are still some people who dismiss it as a less important piece than other furniture. Also, many people find it difficult to choose the ideal coffee table that can suit their homes. It is because there are a lot of options for styles and designs of a coffee table that you can choose.

Perhaps a bit of advice can help you with your purchase. So, here are some the tips that you can follow to buy the perfect coffee table for your home.

Ask Yourself Whether You Need or Want It

Your decision to buy a coffee table is an important one. Before you make the purchase, you need to consider how you’ll use the coffee table. Do you need the coffee table or simply want it?

It is good to know the difference between want and need in buying a coffee table. For instance, if your home has limited space, perhaps you should think twice about furnishing the room with an extra furniture piece because it will only add to the problem of space in the area. In this case, you should think about practicality.

Make the Space of the Room as a Priority

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You need to follow the 18-inch rule if you want to fit a coffee table in your living room without risking precious space in it. You should make an 18-inch allowance between the distance of the coffee table and the edge of the couch or sofa, for example.

This 18-inch allowance is just the perfect distance because it allows you to sit on the couch and reach for your drink on the coffee table. It is also essential to leave at least a 30-inch space from the coffee table’s edge to the media stand for you to move freely in that space.

Pay Attention to the Height of the Coffee Table

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Your coffee table should at least have the same height as the seating arrangement within the room. The typical height of the seating arrangement in a living room, for instance, is 18 inches, so you will have to choose a coffee table that is at least 18 inches.

Consider the Color of the Coffee Table

The color of your coffee table can make or break the interior design of the room. That is why you need to consider your choice of color carefully. You should go for a color that can go along with the color of the other furniture pieces in the room. Keep in mind that the right contrast or balance of colors in a room is one way to make it attractive.

Go for a Child-Friendly Piece

If you have kids in your house, it will do them good if you choose a coffee table that is child-friendly. Avoid those coffee tables with sharp edges because it might harm your children while they are running around the house.

Instead, go for a round or oval-shaped coffee tables to prevent your kids from bumping into sharp corners. You can check out sites like Black Mango if you’re looking for child-friendly coffee tables.


A coffee table is an excellent furniture piece to add to your home. It provides both the style and function that you need to make a room attractive. However, if you’re planning to buy a coffee table, you should take some cues from the tips above before you make your purchase.

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