Graduation is just around the corner, but before you go rushing out into the “real world,” you’re going to want (and perhaps need) a little personal time first. That means you can step back, stretch, and memorialize your accomplishment in some fun ways.

Throw the party you want

This is a traditional form of “wild”, sure. But think about it this way: if you had a high school graduation party, your parents probably planned that one. This graduation party is all about you, so do what makes you happy. Is your idea of fun a huge BBQ blowout in your own backyard? Awesome. Do you want to rent a ballroom, look for elegant graduation dresses, and dance the night away? It’s your call.

Speaking of elegant, why not hire a limo or party bus, invite enough friends to fill it, and visit all your favorite spots for the entire day? Get one of the stretch Hummers that comes with a hot tub. The party never stops because the ride is the party.

Remember, this is about you, so invite the people you really want to see. If that’s only a few close friends, so be it. If you’re lucky enough to have nice parents, they’ll help you splurge on anything that seems safe and responsible.

Take a road trip with a wild twist

The car symbolizes all the freedom, responsibility, and independence that you’ve earned. Whether you’ve been gifted a car or hit the car dealership yourself, grab a few BFFs and take to the roads.

Where should you go? A journey along the Alaska Highway starts in British Columbia and ends in Fairbanks, Alaska. You’re guaranteed to see wildlife along the way, from moose to orcas, and the mountain vistas you’ll never tire of gaping at will perfectly match your post-graduation mood.

You also can’t go wrong with a road trip from the Canadian Rockies through Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. Along the way you’ll see the Sonora Desert, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Craters of the Moon National Monument. Spend a night or two in Las Vegas as well, and stop off to see the University of Arizona’s Biosphere II, a modern wonder of the world.

For a taste of Americana, try the Appalachian Highway, which follows the iconic Appalachian trail. This road has three sections from Georgia to Maine. You can get out and hike, stop in small, historic towns, and try everything from New England clam chowder to Southern biscuits and gravy.

Visit a theme park

When was the last time you went to a theme park? Probably with your parents when you were a kid. The experience is completely different when you visit with your best pals and spend a few days. Turns out, amusement parks are more than just cotton candy and a roller coaster.

If you thought Dollywood in Tennessee was too hokey, you clearly haven’t been there for the Festival of Nations held every spring. Some of the world’s finest music and dance groups are invited to strut their stuff, and the food court is transformed into an international gourmand’s delight.

For an adrenaline-packed theme park experience unlike any other, try Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado. Their Giant Canyon Swing is a heart-stopping experience — once you’re launched out over empty space 1,300 feet above the Colorado River, you’ll never feel the same.

If you want fine dining, you can’t do better than Mythos at Universal Studios, Florida. This six-time winner of Best Theme Park Restaurant by Theme Park Insider offers a gourmet experience. Try the spanakopita dip, but beware, the appetizers are so good you might run out of room for the main course.

Your college graduation is a unique milestone in life. You’ve put in years of effort and this is one of life’s most amazing achievements. Celebrate like you know it!