Travertine is one such stone product which is used for garden and home décor. It is the classic Roman stone used for making tiles and carrying out construction work for more than a thousand years. Most of the classic homes are totally built of travertine, and marble was not used. Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed by water vapor in the pool of hot spring. After the evaporation of water, it leaves behind minerals that form beautiful textures. Well talking about the colors of travertine tiles, they may be fiery red to mahogany or to different shades of brown. You can also find accenting colors as well in the tiles depending on the minerals.

Travertine tiles are used for various purposes in homes and other properties. The Travertine stone is very beautiful and makes wonderful flooring. If you use travertine for floor, you will need to seal to protect the surface from staining. There are small pores all over the surface and if sealing is not used, there can be stains after a period. Such stains are not easy to remove, and thus it is vital to use good quality sealing to protect the flooring.

Travertine tiles may be used in various areas in the home. They are back splashes, worktops and countertops. It may be used directly on the walls as they are lighter than marble. But, they do have holes and pores. If you use it without the seal for making a kitchen countertop, the food practices may get trapped, causing health problems and hygiene issues in the later stage. Besides kitchen area, it may also be used as bathroom tiles. The travertine shower area is stylish and a beautiful option. However, sealer is required almost everywhere whether you are using it in the bathroom, kitchen or garden.

Have a closer look at the tiles

Before you make any purchase of travertine tiles, survey the tiles several times. The company will offer you sample tiles for evaluation. If there are larger holes both in front and at the back, it means that the tiles are not of good quality. Then, the fillings on the material need not be very large as such. After a while, the filling may start coming out. If the fillings are small, then it is not a problem.

What is the depth of fillings?

The depth of fillings upon the travertine tiles is second factor to consider. If the fillings are too much apparent and large from back to front region, it says that they are not of good quality. Know the porosity of the tiles. Tiles that are less porous are of good quality. Again, it is important to find out if the tiles are calibrated properly by the factory or not. If the tiles are cut aptly, it will save your time and effort. But, even if the tiles are not perfectly square, it may be cut on the site. Adhesive may also level the tiles.

Have a look at the edges

To judge the quality of travertine tiles, you must have a look at the edges of the tiles. The edges of tiles must not have many holes as that is not a healthy sign. There can be a few fine holes onto the edges but not much.

Price is also important

We can say that price is not that crucial factor when you are buying tiles for home, but still, you need to consider your budget. Do not settle for cheap quality tiles as that will be expensive in the long run.

So, by considering all the factors stated above, you may buy perfect travertine tiles. Look for durable tiles and do not just base your decision of buying on which tiles are cheap.

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