Summer flowers are our personal favorite when it comes to gardening.  For both indoor and outdoor gardening, summer flowers look the brightest during their blooming season. You have to worry less about temperature controls as they are capable to handle extreme conditions most of the times. If you have enough space, we would recommend that you keep at least three to four varieties of summer flowers in your garden to give your garden a color look. You can easily find the stem or seeds of summer flowers as bulk flowers online.


These uniquely shaped flowers are not just popular for making garlands and South Asian wedding decors. Gardeners love this flower for its easier management in the garden. Yes, to grow these fresh blooms in your garden you don’t have to do much. You can get the cut stems or seeds as bulk flowers online. Next, they are very easy to grow. Just put them in a veggie plot with good quality soil and they will grow on their own. When it comes to caring, you have to give minimum efforts while caring for marigold.

The bright color of marigold will not only provide a colorful look to your garden but also attract beneficial insects such as butterfly and bees. Marigolds also help in keeping away harmful insects and pests.

Gloriosa daisy

The look and the color combination is what we love the most about gloriosa daisy. For vegetative gardens, these flowers will be a perfect fit for your garden family. The bright orange petals and small black seeds in between look marvelous when grown in bulk. A great specialty in keeping gloriosa daisy in your garden is that it will attract hummingbirds to your garden along with beneficial insects. So, you can enjoy the flower’s beauty and chirping of hummingbirds as well.

For indoor gardens as well, gloriosa daisy could be a great addition to your back or front yard. The blooms look well as low lying beds in the garden.


Who wouldn’t love something unique for their garden? Coneflowers could be one of those unique centers of attraction for your garden. The petals are light purple with large and spiny seeds in between. They are great pollinators and would look great in indoor gardens. The shade of purple is what makes it so different from other summer flowers. The color is subtle yet impactful. Generic summer flowers are usually bright orange or yellow in color.

Coneflowers are also a great source of herb and used as medicinal plants. The spiny center of the flower is what attracts the beneficial insects towards it.


We have talked about generic shaped and bright colored flowers so far. Summer flowers bring diversity in shapes and overall look in the garden as well. Astilbe could be a wonderful addition to your list of summer flowers. The plums are light pink in color and are quite fluffy in nature. The plums can grow up to two feet long. This perennial plant would look great in between some orange or bright colored blooms.

If you find difficulty in finding the cut stems or seeds, you can browse through websites such as wholeblossoms and buy them as bulk flowers online.


We have saved the best for the last. Some fresh blooms of peonies will make the look of your garden exclusive and delightful. The fresh fragrance of flowers is a great source of aromatherapy. You can grow them on pots or around the corners of your garden. Even if you don’t have a variety of flowers for your garden, two or three plants of peonies can provide a complete look to your garden.

Peonies have a variety of breeds. They can be trees or grow as herbaceous plants. You can choose the seeds according to the space available in your garden. You can also cut fresh stems of peonies and use them as home décor for house parties as well.


It is always better to choose garden flowers that are easy to maintain and care. Summer flowers give you that liberty while choosing the bright colored beautiful flowers without having to worry about flower maintenance.

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