Renovating your home or just your kitchen can be quite an exciting task. While there are dozens of options to choose from, too many options can often become quite confusing and overwhelming. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and need some new design ideas for your sink, here are some of the new types of kitchen sinks that you can choose for your home.

Different Types of kitchen Sinks:

1. Top Mounted Sink:

kitchen sink

This is the most common type of kitchen sink that you will find in most of the houses. It is definitely the best type of kitchen sink that you can install yourself as a DIY project. The kitchen sink is simply mounted or lowered into the kitchen counter where an exact shaped hole is cut out. However, the only issue that you might face with this kind of kitchen sinks is that it is almost impossible to clean out the debris or water straight from the kitchen counter and drag it along to sweep it into the sink. This makes cleaning of the rim of the sink a little difficult.

2. Single Bowl and Double Bowl Sinks:

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Just as the name suggests, single bowl sinks are mounted with a single basin whereas double bowl sinks have two basins, often of two different sizes. One of the biggest advantages of double bowl sinks is that they can be customized according to your specific needs and requirements. You can customize both the basins whether of the same size and depth, or they could be different, according to your specific requirements. Double bowl sinks can be quite advantageous for bigger families where added space is required for cleaning or storing of the utensils in the sink bowls.

Under mounted sinks Under mounted sinks are installed from the bottom of the counter. The basic advantage of under mounted sinks is that the rim of the sink basin merges in with the kitchen counter, creating a much cleaner look to the kitchen sink. These types of kitchen sinks are much easier to clean, and not much of a hassle to install as well. Often, if the material and weight of the sink allow, the under mounted kitchen sink can be installed simply by using good quality glue.

3. Concrete Kitchen Sink:

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Concrete kitchen sinks are not commonly found in most households and are quite unique. Concrete sinks are very advantageous as they can be completely customized according to the individual need of the home owner. You can choose your very own style of the kitchen sink and get it easily customized if you opt for a concrete sink for your kitchen.

However, the biggest disadvantage that you will face with a concrete kitchen sink is that these sinks require constant care, maintenance as well as periodic sealing. Too much water can damage the sealing of these types of concrete sinks and need to be maintained regularly. These types of concrete sinks can also be quite heavy and need a strong supportive base to take their weight.

4. Integral Kitchen Sink:

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An integral kitchen sink is basically crafted to harmoniously blend in with the rest of the kitchen counter. This makes the entire kitchen counter area look all the more neat, clean and larger as well. The integral kitchen sink is made of the same material as the kitchen counter itself. Probably the best part of an integral kitchen sink is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

So, those were the most popular types of kitchen sinks that you can look at if you are planning to renovate the kitchen sink of your home.

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