Car runs on the specific mechanism. Extreme heat or extreme cold, both can do a lot of harm to the car. Leaving car unused for, a long time during the summer or cold season, can do permanent damage to your car. So, whether you are using your car or not, you have to take necessary steps to protect your car from the harsh weather condition.

The car is an expensive investment after owning a home. You need to make sure that your investment is protected and safe. With the regular maintenance and care, you can save the large cost of maintenance and repair. One needs to be prepared for the bad weather condition too. During extreme cold and summertime, your car needs extra care. Sometimes for the horrible weather condition, we can’t go out. When we don’t go out our car, remain unused too. In these emergency situations, weather proof car cover can protect your car.

Some of the most common problems with the car during the summer season are painted decay, battery draining, tire burst up, and so on. However, you can protect your car from the extreme heat, if you follow few tips and apply them to your car during this crazy season. Few of them are discussed below-

1. Always park your car in the garage or shade

You need to park your car in the shady place during the summer season. It will save your car getting the scorching heat of the sun. The car which is exposed to the scorching sun, tend to be more damaged. The UV rays of the sun damage the paint of the car. It will also damage different interior parts of the car. So, while parking if you don’t get the shady spot, you can park your car under trees.

2. Get waxing before summer time

Being extra cautious can save your car from the sun damages. Decaying and damaging the painting are very common during summer time. So, it is better if you apply wax to your car before approaching summer. Waxing will give your car an instant, new look. With good waxing, your car will be ready to beat the heat of the summer.

3. Do checkup of the tires

You need to check up the tires of your car regularly. If the tires get low pressure, it is hazardous for your car. You have to check the condition of the tire rubber too along with the pressure of the tires. Rubbers of the tires decay most during the hot summer time. So, regular checkup can help you find out the problems and take necessary steps regarding this.

4. Use window tinting and sunshade

Keeping the interior of your car is also essential along with the exterior parts. Sun heat do a lot of damages to the interior of our car. The car seats, dash covers, etc. things are not safe from the sun heat. So, using window tinting is highly recommended to protect the interior parts of your car. Window tinting blocks the sunlight and heat coming inside the car and keep your car in good condition during the hot summer season. After installing tinted window, you should focus on reflective sunshade for the windshield.

5. Check the condition of the battery regularly

Summer is not a friendly season for the car. The car battery can damage most for the extreme heat of the sun. The battery power can get drained easily if you expose your car for a long time under the sun. So, you have to take extra care to the car battery during the summer time.

So, you can keep your car in a safe condition following the above tips.

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