Accountancy, as well as being one of the most highly sought-after careers thanks to its considerable average salary, repels just as many people as it attracts. This is thanks to the reputation that precedes it, a reputation of being boring, highly maths based, and being heartless. However, we’re here to bust those myths as they are not only inaccurate but could also be getting in the way of the perks you could be enjoying by pursuing this misunderstood career yourself.

Accountancy is Boring

What’s the image that springs to mind when you hear the word ‘accountant’? Probably a non-descript person in a drab suit hiding in a dreary office, crunching numbers all day long. Well, you’re wrong. In fact, accountancy offers far more perks than other industries. It is one of the only jobs that allows you to take career breaks, as it is fairly easy to return to after taking time off. These breaks allow you to make the most of your significant salary.

It is also highly likely that you will be asked to travel, thanks to the number of international clients belonging to larger firms. What a great way to see the world at no cost! Furthermore, accountants need to have strong communication skills in order to discuss problems and solutions with clients, so it’s perfect for those with big personalities.

I Can’t Be an Accountant Because I’m No Good at Maths

Contrary to popular belief, accounting does not actually involve a lot of maths. Any maths it does include is basic and can be completed on a calculator or using other technology such as spreadsheets. Accounting relies more on problem solving abilities, analysis, and investigative skills, even in the exams you have to take to become qualified. There are plenty of resources available to help you with these but read this Becker CPA vs Surgent CPA to see which is the best first. The kinds of qualifications you might need in order to get a place on a university accounting course are statistics, economics, and business, not just maths.

Accounting Doesn’t Contribute Anything Worthwhile to Society

Many people are looking for jobs that allow them to contribute something to society, yet no one would consider accountancy for this, as finance is seen as a corporate affair rather than having anything to do with welfare. However, there are branches of accounting that focus on preventing financial crime, which is something that affects so many people from all echelons of society. Furthermore, you could help third sector companies to make the most of their money so that they can spend more on their causes, or work for the public sector.

As you can see, accountancy is not as black and white as it first appears, so it is well worth looking into the reality of working in this field if you’re currently career hunting. Firstly, it is far from boring thanks to all of its perks, including travel and career breaks, as well as the wide range of different clients you will work with.

It is not centred solely around maths either, so you don’t need to worry if this isn’t your strong point as it actually requires analytical thinking and problem solving more so. It is even the ideal job if you’re looking for something rewarding, as it gives you valuable skills that you can use to contribute towards worthwhile causes. has more career tips for various fields, such as the training courses available if you’re looking into a career in construction.

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