For pretty much every modern business Social Media is a massive part of their Marketing or PR strategy. Whether it be showing off your latest product/service, keeping your customers up to date with your latest news or introducing new members of your team, Social Media is a key tool to build trust with your customers and boost your business.

To maximise the success of your Social Media posting, you need to ensure everything which goes in front of your current and potential customers is of the highest quality – and the photography is no different. When trying to build credibility a shaky, blurry or grainy photo is going to turn your followers off, rather than tempting them into engaging!

We’re going to break down our 4 top tips to ensure your Social Media photography truly hits the mark to ensure your profile really stands out from the crowd!

High Resolution

The first and maybe most important tip we would give is to ensure you use a device that produces the best quality photographs available. A mistake often made by amateur social media posters is to take a quick snap on the nearest device they can find!

A resolution photo is really something which can set you apart on Social Media, especially across larger devices. If you’re in the B2B market, many followers may view your posts on larger desktop or laptop screens and therefore your uploads need to look just as good at higher pixel sizes.

Take the time to source a device that will ensure a great quality photograph – look for an entry level DSLR or even a high spec camera within an smartphone to ensure every snap has the magic touch your Social Media page deserves.

Get In The Frame

For anyone who knows even a little about photography, or art in general, you will know all about framing and its importance in getting an amazing end result. Typically we’re used to seeing photographs in a more rectangular sizing, such as the classic 3×2 dimension.

In this situation, it’s always best to consider the rule of thirds which is hugely popular in professional photography. Put simple, imagine your photograph is broken down into 9 sections via splitting the frame into thirds through equally spaced vertical and horizontal lines.



Aim to position your subject in either the right of left hand thirds, using the lines to guide your photo’s final frame. Following this rule makes for a great picture that is more striking and intriguing than a centre framed shot.

Alongside your subject, ensure the background of your shot compliments the foreground perfectly. Especially if you’re using the rule of thirds, ensure the whole frame feeds into the overall experience of the photograph and helps to tell the story of your shot and ultimately, your online brand.

But ensure you consider your medium – in contrast to the above, Instagram uses predominantly square shots which are definitely better framed centrally rather than off to one side!

Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the most important factors in any photograph and that is no different when taking the perfect shot for Social Media. Especially if you’re looking to show off a new product, you literally need to ensure you get it in front of your customers in the best light!

First, you need to consider your environment. If you’re going for a bright, vibrant look, shoot in a place with lots of light, either outside or in a well lit room. Place the subject into a position to maximise the light to show off the best features and maximise the effect the photo will have on your brand.

With the environment set, the second thing to consider are the settings on your camera. Focus on adjusting the white balance and ISO settings to compliment the amount of light your environment has afforded you. Remember to experiment with different settings to get the shot that is perfect for your latest post!

Stay Consistent

Whilst the technicalities of your camera and taking the perfect shot can be refined, it’s important to never lose sight of the picture itself to ensure it is exactly what your audience want. Work to establish your own identity and style in the photography you produce to ensure your brand is maintained and stable for your customers.

Work to ensure you always tell a story in your photographs and where possible, use the photos in a way that engages with your audience as after all, Social Media is the place to be social, build relationships and have fun!

And there it is, our 4 top tips to ensure your Social Media photography is taken to the next level. To really stand out from the online crowd, ensure you use a high quality camera to get a high resolution shot that’s perfect for all devices. Once you’ve got the tech in place, work to ensure your photo is framed and lit correctly to help sell the story of your brand to new and existing followers alike!

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