Kids parties are one of those things that, if you have never tried it before, seems like it would be a lot of fun and not too difficult. The reality is, however, that they are very stressful and there are myriad things to think about and organise. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t rewarding, as hopefully your child will have a great time, along with all their friends. Many parents try to over complicate their party in an attempt to give their kid the best party in the world. In truth, children often want to just play with their friends, so bear this in mind if you are worrying about how to make sure they have fun. This guide offers 10 top tips to help make throwing a kids party as stress-free as possible.

Sort the Invite List First

Your invite list is what will guide pretty much everything else; it will decide what activities you choose, the size of the venue and more. For young people, it is common to have gender specific parties or to invite the child’s entire class (sometimes schools can have a rule about this, so make sure to check first). When the child is slightly older, however, then they will start to know who they want to invite.

Don’t go Overboard

Not only will overdoing it ramp up the pressure you are under, it can also be too much for the guests. Especially when it comes to younger children, packing too much in can create overstimulated and irritable guests. Try to keep it simple with just one activity or, if you need two, put them at different times, so the kids aren’t divided and unsure what to focus on.


At children’s parties, there are always plenty of leftovers; kids often just want cake, so try to hold back on any extras. If you need to get pizza, cut it smaller and they can always have seconds. This way there is a lot less waste. You also need to be careful about allergies, as these can sometimes be fatal and all it takes is one mistake. It would be wise to ask the guests if there are any allergies, prior to the party.

Save the Presents for Home

Kids parties are often on a tight schedule, leaving limited time for opening gifts. You also run the risk of your child reacting negatively or insensitively to a present, so it is best to bring the presents home to open them.

Have your Child Write Thank-Yous

Although party invitations are often done by email or Facebook nowadays, thank you notes are still best done on paper. Not only does this instil good values in your child, but people will most appreciate a thank you note written by the child themselves. This doesn’t have to be restricted to a note – anything personal, such as a picture drawn by your child to say thank you in their own way works well.

Your Child may get Upset

Although it is easier said than done, try not to get upset if your child does throw a tantrum as it is rarely fixed by an angry parent. Parties can put some pressure on kids to have fun and they can often get over-stimulated. Your best bet would be to sit them off to one side to just watch, and they will likely join in again very soon.


In all walks of life, things rarely go to plan, so even if you have poured your heart and soul into perfecting every aspect of your child’s party, things may change, and that is perfectly alright. Allow the children to shape the party, if they are loving a particular activity, let them continue it for longer, even if it eats into time set out for something else.

Keep it Short

Try not to make the party too long, this can make things overly stressful and can be too much for the kids. Two to three hours is an ideal length for the party, still allowing plenty of time for play, activities and food.

Start Early

Begin coming up with ideas and buying supplies early on. Stretching out the process is a great way to reduce stress and the likelihood of you running around at the last minute trying to get it all to come together.


The best way to ensure you both have a good time is to relax. Ultimately, a party isn’t a party if everyone fails to enjoy each other’s company. No matter how stress you feel or how pressured you may be, remember to take some time out to enjoy the festivities and more importantly, enjoy the special moments with your little one.

Planning a kids get-together may seem difficult but rest assured, follow these guidelines and you’ll plan a party your guests won’t forget. As they say, proper planning is half the work done!

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